Thursday, 14 September 2017

Songs For Shamrock Night

Despite the best efforts of the changeable weather, Sunday nights 'Songs for Shamrock' went ahead and proved to be a great success thanks to the ‘Polperro Fishermen's Choir’ and ‘Mike & Tilly Music’ for the interval music. Shamrock was dressed ready to be used as the stage for the singers but, due to the heavy showers, the venue was moved to Shamrock's boat shed. The estimated attendance of 100 plus managed to squeeze into the shed and the evening raised over £1,400 towards Shamrock's upkeep. A heartfelt “Thank you” to everyone who attended.

Abandoned stage
Standing room only.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

It's Been A Quiet Week!

Mud cleared and slipway track laying completed.
Shamrock's cradle tested. Champagne corks popped. 

Monday, 4 September 2017

Proposed Haul Out Day

After consulting the tide time tables the spring tide of Friday 6th October has been pencilled in as Shamrock's haul out day. This will allow time for the slipway track to be completed with the last two sections needing to be cut to their respective sizes and laid. Once completed Shamrock's cradle can be moved to the bottom of the slipway track to check it rolls freely and gauge the minimum tide height required to float Shamrock onto the cradle. The amount of silt that the river Tamar deposits on the slipway also means that it will need to be cleaned at least twice more before haul out day, once before laying the final sections of track and the day before haul out. Both of Shamrock's masts are also scheduled to be lowered and removed before the move.

From no mud to this in six days.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Shamrock's Cradle

While the crew has been waiting for the tide to be right to finish laying the slipway track, the time has been used to collect the various sections of Shamrock's cradle from Cotehele Quay boat yard and place them at the top of the slipway track. Next came the Chinese puzzle of assembling the cradle and it was discovered that the weld numbers on the various sections are not in order, but assembly was achieved successfully. The cradles old base timbers, which where rotten, have been renewed, levelled off and finally topped off with old railway sleepers on which Shamrock will sit when she is hauled out. So much for August being a quiet month!

Cradle sections arrive.

Cradle assembled.

Re timbered and ready for Shamrock

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Track Laying

No sooner had the job of clearing Shamrock's slipway of accumulated mud had been completed, than a lorry appeared with some second hand “rail chairs”, “fishplates”, “steel clips” and “rails” ready for laying. The clips should hold the rails more securely than the wooden wedges used on the old track. A few tricks on how to make the job of fitting of the remaining tracks where picked up during laying of the two topmost sections of the track. Shaune was heard muttering something about being a boat-builder not a railway navvy!

Two down four to go.
The new door fitted between the after cabin and the cargo hold has had a latch made and fitted that is more in keeping with Shamrock's existing door latches.

Space is getting a bit tight in the boat shed!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Repair Preparations

Preparations for Shamrock's forthcoming repairs and engine fitting have started with the replacement of two missing planks from the bulkhead (dividing wall) between the after cabin, which is due to become the engine room and her cargo hold. As the engine room will need to be secured the bulkhead access hatch has had a door fitted and this will also serve as an escape hatch. Vent holes will need to be drilled in the bulkhead to assist in the airflow through Shamrock.

Cargo hold bulkhead before
and after.
Removing her anchor and chain was made a lot easer than normal by taking advantage of a mid morning high tide and floating Shamrock to the head of her dock allowing the anchor to be dropped onto the dock and the chain flaked almost straight into the cart. Although once loaded the cart was not exactly easy to move!