Meet The Crew


Shaune Blight.

Official tittle 'Shipwright and Quay Supervisor'. Shaune comes from a Devonport Morice Town family with generations of working the docks, river and sea.
Succeeded Peter in 2011, after an apprenticeship year.

Honorary crew member.

Joe Lawrence.
Cotehele's Head Ranger who is becoming a lot more involved in Shamrock's long term plan.

Volunteer crew. Can be described as the "Last of the Summer Wine Crew". 

Peter Allington.
Shamrock's skipper for 28 years and now an invaluable source of information and advice on the rigging and sailing of Shamrock.
Barry Marsh.
Barry Marshall.
Jeremy Flooks.
Frank Hillier-Horn.
Dave Ferries.

Meet and Greet Crew, in no particular order.

Steve Sheasby.
Fred Moss.
Cliff Lambert.
Nigel Outram.
Chrissie Le Marchant.
Sue and Mick Shannon.
Peter Northmore.
Peter Thornton.
Roy Potter.
Mike Shanon.
Ed Morris.
Jo Allen.
Dave Wallis.
Harvy Toulouse.
Sally White.

Office Volunteer 

Jane Kiely.

Retired and not to be forgotten.

Geoff Lavers
With six and a half years as a volunteer and one of the Shamrock's original volunteer crew.

Contact Us

Shamrock's crew can be contacted by email at:-

Last Updated:- 28th June 2017

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