Sunday, 20 May 2018

Port Side

With the completion of Shamrock's starboard beamshelf and frame repairs a start has been made on her port side. Large areas on her port deck have been receiving the reciprocating saw treatment to enable the removal of the starboard cargo gate*, bulwark and stanchions. In the process more wet rot has been discovered in some wooden knees and the underside of the covering board and the full extent of the rot in the after deckhouse coaming has been exposed. Shamrocks deck winch, windlass and sluice pump have been removed to the boat shed ready to be stripped down, cleaned and repainted.

Visitors can now see the repairs to Shamrock progressing with the opening up of the front section of her cover. The moving of Shamrock's hut adjacent to the opening means the wellbeing of her 'Meet and Greet' crew has been assured and puts them close to the visitors.

 *Cargo gates, moveable sec­tion of bulwarks to facilitate loading or dis­charging cargo, situated on each side of the car­go hatch.
Missing deck!
Wooden knee.
Covering board.
Deckhouse coaming
Cargo gate.
Sluice pump.
Deck winch and windlass
Open for visitors.

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