Saturday, 28 March 2015

An Engine For Shamrock!

When plans where being made for Shamrock's restoration in the 1970's the decision was made to restore her to as she appeared in 1926. At sometime during the restoration it was decided not to install an engine as she had in 1926 resulting in her manoeuvrability being severely limited and reliant on a tow for any trip. Finally after years of hint dropping by the crew it looks like she will be getting an engine as Shamrock has been chosen to receive the profits from the sale of the National Trusts 'Special Places Raffle 2015' tickets sold at Cotehele. As profits from the raffle are usually allocated to a specific project 'An engine for Shamrock' has been chosen as that project.

Nancy Belle

After the last few hectic weeks rigging Shamrock the crews attention has returned to preparing Nancy Belle for the season. Once her cover was removed she was found be in good condition with only the bottom section of hull requiring a coat of anti fowling paint. Also Shaune has found some good quality marine plywood and is busy making a new engine box to replace last years temporary box.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Visiting Shamrock in 2015

After Shamrock has spent the winter months stripped of all masts and rigging, the crew have spent the last few weeks rigging Shamrock and getting her shipshape ready to greet the first of the seasons visitors. The main mast has been dressed and the spars fitted, it was then used to step the mizzen mast. After getting a fresh coat of paint and varnish the after deck house has been refitted. The mizzen mast has been dressed and spars fitted. Both the main and the mizzen sail covers have been fitted, bit of a cheat as the sails still need to be bent on (attached). As one member of the crew remarked "She's looking like a sailing barge again".

Going onboard

For the first year since her restoration Shamrock is due to be open for visitors every day during the summer season.

This will be dependent upon:-

  • Shamrock being at Cotehele Quay and not away on one of her trips, check this site for details.
  • If the weather is bad it may not be safe to open up.
  • At times access will need to be limited or stopped to allow for maintenance.
  • The availability of personnel to man Shamrock during opening times.
If you are visiting Shamrock and you see the 'Wet Paint' sign there will be wet paint.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Main Mast Stepping

On Wednesday, after weeks of preparation, Shamrock's main mast was finally wheeled out of the boat shed and onto the quay, to await the arrival of forester Barney Guy, and his Unimog, to do the heavy lifting. After three positioning lifts, the heel of the mast was placed in the tabernacle and once the pivot pin had been inserted the mast was rested on the mizzen tabernacle. The top of the mast was partially dressed before the start of the final lift using the Unimog’s crane and completed using a National Trust Land Rover winch attached to the fore 'stay. After fitting the safety bolt, mast pin and releasing all the lifting wires it was time for the lunch break. Suitably refreshed all that was left to do was attach the shrouds, this was after Shaune had a quick trip up the mast, in the Bosuns’ chair, to release them as they had been lashed to the mast to prevent them snagging during the lift. Taking advantage of the number of crew available, the after deck house was lifted off and placed on trestles in the boat shed ready for a quick coat of paint and varnish.


The whole procedure was captured on time lapse video.

Job Done.