Friday, 30 March 2018

Cornish Oak

As Shamrock spent the majority of her working life plying her trade in the Truro - Falmouth area it seems only fitting that some of the large slabs of Oak being used in her repair have been sourced from the Tregothnan estate that is situated alongside the confluence of the Fal and Truro rivers. These Sessile Oaks where planted in 1880 and cut approximately three years ago having survived the mass tree felling of the Second Word war due to their remote location. The Oak slabs have been used in the repair/replacement of Shamrock's starboard lodging knees and frames. Shamrock's starboard frame repairs are now complete also the third new section of beamshelf has been bolted into place along with that sections beams and hanging knees.   

Cornish Oak.
Completed frame repairs.
Hanging knee installation.
Beamshelf through bolted scarf.
Shamrock's new river view.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Shamrock Repairs March Update

The discovery that the forward section of the starboard beamshelf had been renewed in the past with an undersized section, was only loosely bolted to the frames and not attached to the Breasthook*. This has resulted in it being removed and a new section is being cut ready for fitting. It has also been found that there is no evidence of the starboard side beam ends ever being secured to the beamshelf. To correct this, the beams are now being through bolted onto the new beamshelf as it is fitted. More areas of rot have been discovered in some of the main beams, one of them being a section of beam behind the main mast tabernacle. This beam also supports the forward end of the cargo hatch combing and will need more investigation. Most of Shamrock's starboard side deck planks have been removed with the chain locker seeing the light of day for the first time since her restoration. With the amount of water ingress found between the deck planks and beams it has been decided to remove all the deck planking to allow all the beams to be checked, repaired or renewed as necessary and allowed to dry out before fitting new deck planks. Shamrock's windlass and deck winch have been unbolted and moved to the side ready to be removed to the boat shed once space is available. One bit of good news is that to date only one small section of rot has been found in the ceiling planks. Most of Shamrock's starboard side frame repairs have been completed and her lines are looking pleasing to the eye.

*BREASTHOOK A grown timber crook or wrought-iron knee used either as a tie to bind the Stempost, Beamshelf, Hawse or frame tim­bers of the bow together.

Breasthook port side.
Breasthook starboard side, no bolts.
Beam rot behind main tabernacle.
Rotten ceiling plank. 
Missing deck.
New short beam.
Repaired frames.