Saturday, 11 June 2016

Memory Lane

After venturing out of Perranwell Station, in deepest Cornwall, Gloria Butterworth decided to visit Shamrock. Gloria is the daughter of the Richard Curnow who was the sole owner of Shamrock from the 2nd May 1966 to the 28th April 1973 and also the last owner to use Shamrock commercially. After being given what could be described as VIP treatment, a cup of tea in the boat shed and a tour of Shamrock, Gloria left with a few souvenirs of her visit including a section of original Shamrock deck plank. The trade wasn't entirely one sided as she supplied the crew with a photo of her father and is going see if she can find anymore Shamrock related information. She plans to visit Shamrock on a more regular basis in future as this was her first visit since Shamrock's restoration.

Richard Curnow