Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ropes and Pullies

Various activities are being planned for the Shamrock's 40 years at Cotehele celebration which is due to take place on Saturday 26th July 2014. One of the activities is to demonstrate the use of ropes and pulleys to gain mechanical advantage when lifting a load - an adult for our demonstration. The lifting pulley being attached to the apex of an 'A' frame. After scouring the boat shed to find all the various pieces the 'A' frame was assembled and rigged on the quay ready for a test run. The frame being held just off the perpendicular by a handy-billy and kept in check with a guy rope. Shamrock's mizzen sheet then provided the pulley system for the lift and a bosun's chair for holding the load, Joe arriving just in time to provide the test load.

Joe hanging around.


A system of rope and blocks usually made up of one single and one double block, it can be set up with two double blocks. Whether you have hook or tail on each end is a matter of preference. Having one set up ready to go means it will save time in any emergency situation.

Friday, 23 May 2014

That Rumour

The rumour that Nancy Belle is having a new engine has turned out to be true with the arrival of a 20hp Yanmar marine diesel engine on Monday. With a planned river trip on Tuesday the beaching and subsequent hauling out of her had to be delayed until the afternoon tide on Wednesday. Once on the boat shed slipway a start was made on preparing for the removal of her existing Sabb engine with the stripping out of the engine box, combined control panel battery box and electrical wiring also the disconnecting of the cooling water and exhaust pipes. On Thursday all the securing bolts and straps were removed, the shaft uncoupled and finally the old engine lifted out.

New engine waiting to be fitted.
Old engine.
Now it's gone.

Better Visitor Experience 

The removal of Shamrock's canvas hatch cover for the summer months has resulted in a lot more light in the hold giving visitors a better appreciation of its size and construction with the bonus of being able to see and avoid the low beams. 

First Get Knotted Course

After Wednesday's successful trial Get Knotted Course more are being planned for the summer months and these will be open to all, for a small fee towards Shamrock's maintenance fund. To expand on this an "A" frame and pulleys activities for families is also being prepared or should it be revived as Peter used to run these for school children.  

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Shamrock's Younger Visitors

This week has seen pupils and teachers from Burraton Primary School visit Shamrock. Judging by the pictures and comments left by the pupils it looks as though a lot of them are regular visitors and Shaune had better watch out as in a few year's time they might be after his job.

Get Knotted

A visual aid for the planned "Get Knotted" courses has been completed. A trial course is due to take place on Wednesday 21st with a few of Shamrock's volunteer crew as guinea pigs.

After that we might know what an Alpine Butterfly Bend is used for, without googling it!

Still no sign of Nancy Belle's new engine, so much for last week's rumour.
UPDATE:- Just heard the engine is being collected on Monday 19th.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Nancy Belle

On Tuesday Nancy Belle completed her first Tamar River trip of the season venturing just upriver of Morwellham Quay before returning to Cotehele Quay. There was even an international presence with two Americans onboard. The trip was judged as a success with only a few mutterings that maybe cushions could be provided to make her hard bench seats a bit more comfortable.

There is also a rumour going around the boat shed that Nancy Belle is getting a new engine, perhaps even before her next trip!

Other snippets.

The crew is waiting for a couple of weeks, or even days of dry weather for the painting of Shamrock's hull, bulwarks and tabernacles ready for the 40th anniversary celebrations of her arriving at Cotehele.

A Get Knotted course is in development and once perfected will be opened up for public participation.

Somebody got fed up with the state of Shamrock's keep off notice and decided to do something about it.

Out with the old.
In with the new.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Dummy Rescued From Shamrock

On Monday the local fire brigade undertook a training exercise on-board Shamrock. This was a bit short notice but was kinda exciting if you like water pumps and water jets! Basically a dummy (no not Shaune) was hidden on-board Shamrock and the fire crew had to find it. They were going to have a smoke (dry ice) machine to add to the atmosphere but unfortunately it wasn’t available to them. The two rescuers were in full air breathing apparatus and so were quite restricted. The dummy was placed in the forward locker and Shaune (being Shaune) made sure they had to use the after hatch get below deck. They took a little while to locate and extract the dummy but not too long. So lots of water, spray and noise. The whole exercise took about 20-30 minutes.

Just playing.
Ready for the rescue.
In the recovery position.
Off to be rescued another day.
Thanks to John Hartland for the photos.

Shamrock Trip Cancelled

Shamrock's 2nd to 5th May planned river trip to Royal William Yard has been had to be cancelled. 

Nancy Belle

Nancy Belle is now back in the water, being checked for leaks and generally made ready for the first of her river trips. 

Full list of Nancy Belle river trip dates.
  • Tues 6 May; 10-12.30
  • Tues 20 May; 10-12.30
  • Thurs 5 June; 10-12.30        
  • Wed 18 June; 9.30-12.00
  • Thurs 19 June; 10.30-1.00      
  • Fri 4 July; 9.45-12.15
  • Thurs 17 July; 9.30-12.00
  • Fri 18 July; 10-12.30
  • Mon 4 Aug; 10.30-1.00
  • Mon 18 Aug; 11-1.30
  • Tues 19 Aug; 11.30-2.00
  • Tues 2 Sept; 10-12.30
  • Wed 3 Sept; 11-1.30

To book please ring 01579 351346.