Monday, 23 April 2018

Readying Nancy Belle

After a week in the boat shed having quick lick of paint and some varnish Nancy Belle is now back in the water ready for the seasons 'Nancy Belle boat trips'. Before the first trip the arduous task of surveying the river had to be endured with warm sunny weather and a spring tide Nancy Belle ventured to the highest tidal reaches of the Tamar with no unknown sunken trees or other navigational hazards being found.

Approaching Morwellham
Gunnislake weir

Friday, 13 April 2018

Almost Empty Boat Shed

With shipwrights Shuggs and Josh away completing another job, the crew has taken the opportunity to clear out soggy shavings and scraps of timber from around under and in Shamrock and also a general tidying of the area ready for visitors. It's planned to build a scaffold walkway under her cover allowing visitors to see Shamrock's repairs progressing. The wood that has been drying in the boat shed has now been moved out onto the quay allowing it to dry naturally and freeing up space in the boat shed. Some of that free space has already been taken up by ‘Nancy Belle’ ready for a quick coat of paint before her river trips start. She was due to be painted on the boat shed slipway but the weather had other ideas, too wet or too cold.

Clean and tidy.
Will it dry?
Lots of space.