Friday, 31 August 2018

Warping Horse

With the new warping horse in place followers of Shamrock may notice the new top beam has a pronounced curve when compared with one fitted in the late 1970’s restoration. This is intentional. Details of this form, for the warping horse, were found amongst a collection of old photos of Shamrock operating in and around Falmouth. Amongst these there is one photo of her under motor/sail, taken from astern, showing her original warping horse complete with curve. Shamrock's top gudgeon has been fitted and checked for alignment. The rotten rear port section of beamshelf has been removed and a replacement is being fashioned. Thanks to Richard Trebilcock for the historic photos.

New warping horse.
Shamrock off Falmouth
Top gudgeon.
Checking alignment.

Monday, 20 August 2018


Six inch (15 cm) high draught figures, spaced 1ft (30 cm) apart from the underside of the keel have been carved in Shamrock's new sternpost. This is now bolted in place and the bottom two rudder gudgeons have been fitted. The top gudgeon has had an extra steel strap welded on its inside edge ensuring that once fitted the ruder pintle drops freely through all three gudgeon eyes. Oak for the new warping horse has been cut to size, using the old warping horse as a template, with shallow groves being cut on the inboard face of the new transom ready to receive the uprights. Lengths of galvanised treaded bar with a nut welded on one end have been used for the through bolting of the transom planks. Through bolting is achieved by drilling through the section to be attached with a drill the same diameter as the bar and then counter sink ensuring the nut will not be proud and there is sufficient space for a socket. The receiving plank is drilled undersize, once the plank butts have received a layer of black butter, an impact gun is used to screw the bar into the receiving plank.
New and old sternpost.
Sternpost fitted.
Botton gudgeons.
Ready for the uprights.
New warping horse timbers.
Old warping horse.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Taking Shape.

Two new slabs of oak have been shaped, bolted and through bolted onto Shamrock's transom giving her more structural strength as well as restoring her distinct shape. All that remains to complete the transom is to trim the ends to profile then fit the sternpost and fashion piece (wash strake). With Cotehele rangers assistance the main tabernacle has been lifted out of Shamrock and moved boat shed where the crew has started the thrilling task of scraping all the old paint off.

Through bolt.