Saturday, 29 February 2020

Shamrock Gets Wet

A combination of low pressure, high winds and weeks of heavy rain resulted in an higher than expected morning tide on Thursday 13th February this over topped Cotehele Quay, flooded the boat shed and nearly had Shamrock's stern lift off the cradle. The weight of water which had ingressed through her shrinking hull planks and keel, helped stop her stern lifting.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Ticking Over

While waiting for phase two of Shamrock's restoration to start, her crew have been wielding the paintbrushes again. The aft deckhouse and the forward companionway has been the focus of their attention. After very extensive session of preparation, ‘Woodskin’ has been applied to all the areas previously varnished and the rest has been undercoated. They have also had final coat of gloss paint on the internal faces. The external faces are being left until just before they are returned to Shamrock. These items have now been stored in the old carpenter’s shop where they joined her mizzen mast and spars. The forward and aft access ladders, removed during the repairs, have been moved to the boat shed and are now in the process of being cleaned, stripped and painted.

Shamrock's workboat is also back in the boat shed ready to be checked, have any damaged or rotten wood repaired or renewed before receiving a fresh coat of paint. Considering she has been stowed in the boat yard, only covered with a tarpaulin, since the end of 2018 her condition looks good. The crew is sure that Shaune the perfectionist will find something that's not quite right!

There are still some other ‘fixtures & fittings’ to be overhauled, but more of that another time.