Monday, 24 December 2018

More Plugs

Most of Shamrock's old bulwark stanchions are now back in place along with a temporary ribbon rail. A start has been made on plugging the recessed bolt/nail holes on the newly fitted hull planks. Oak plugs will need to be cut before the sheer strake can be plugged. All work on Shamrock has now stopped until the new year.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

December Update

With all the progress made in the last few weeks Shamrock is starting to look like her old self.
  • The fairing of her sheer line has been completed. 
  • All four new oak sheer strake planks have been cut to size, nailed and bolted into place. 
  • On the starboard side one more complete strake of hull planks has been completed. 

Bolted butt joint.
  • In the boat shed the next strake of larch hull planks has been cut and planed to size. Once these are fitted one more strake will be needed to seal the hull. This will be completed after the the new bulwark stanchions and covering boards have been fitted.
  • The old bulwark stanchions have been recovered with the starboard sides being temporarily fitted and the port side awaiting fitting. This will enable templates for the new covering boards to be made. 

  • Beams that are not being renewed are being stripped of paint and their old deck nail holes plugged.