Saturday, 24 November 2018

November Update

Shamrock work being progressed and completed.
  • Two 9.75 meter (32 ft) oak starboard sheer strake planks (the top line of hull planks) have been cut steamed and temporarily coach screwed into place while the wood sets. The coach screw holes will be used for the plank nails. Oak is replacing the larch used in her restoration as it is stronger, will help to stiffen Shamrock's hull and provides a solid base for the covering board nails along the top edge.
  • A larger steamer has been fabricated for steaming the larger planks.
  • The hull plank signed by visitors has been steamed, clamped, treated and nailed into place. It is the fourth plank down on the aft starboard side.
  • Shamrock's temporary cover has been extended creating room to manoeuvre the large timber planks on the port side.

  • The port sheer line has been marked out with the frames and beams being faired to the line.
  • In the boat shed all of Shamrocks rigging blocks have been stripped of varnish, given a coat of woodskin and stowed ready for use.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Last Knee Fitted

Shamrock news.

  • After fitting the double knee to Shamrock's starboard side in two sections a cut of oak was found that had a natural curve in the grain enabling the port side double knee to be cut and fitted in one piece, it was a bit heavy. 
  • With the renewal of the forward beam knees all knee replacements have now been completed, John had the honour of bolting the last one in place on the starboard side.
  • Repairs to the port side frames have been completed.
  • Port side sheer line has been marked out and the frames and beams cut to the sheer line.
  • Oak for the bulwark stanchions has been sourced from Anton Coaker English Timber, on Dartmoor. Some stanchions are also going to be cut from the good sections of Shamrock's old beams.
  • More partner beams are being fitted
One piece double knee.
John dropping the final knee into position.
Shuggs fairing Shamrock's port side.
The hunt is now on for two 30cm (1ft) x 12cm (5in) x 2.6meter (8ft 6in) air dried cuts of seasoned oak. As this is for a new main tabernacle, that takes all the power from Shamrock's main mast while under sail, it must be clean with no knots or shakes, the original has a number of shakes and also a few knots.
If anyone can help please contact the crew at:-

One of Shamrock's main tabernacle cheeks.