Friday, 22 March 2013

Jobs Done!

Tuesday 19th
Nancy Belle's bottom painted. Now she's waiting for one of the next spring tides to get her back in the water.

Wednesday 20th
Time to finish the painting of Shamrock's hull.
  • Wet paint sign, check.
  • New paint rollers, check.
  • Weather dry, check.
  • Visitors warned to keep clear, check.
  • Paint the port side, done.
  • Paint the stern, done.
  • Paint the rudder, done.
  • Bare sections of the modified bulwarks primed, done.
  • Check and paint over any missed bit's, done (maybe).
  • Looking good and ready to go back in the water, yes.

Muttering's coming from the Boat Shed as Shaune tries to find why the dock-washing fire pump keep's cutting out.

Thursday 21st
It's raining!!

Highlight of the week

The appearance of a box of new overalls, complet with motifs. Not sure about wearing them as they look too good to get paint on!

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