Friday, 14 February 2014

Shamrock's New Ensign

A result of Shamrock being listed on the National Register of Historic Ships, No 665, she now supports a new ensign that reflects her status.

Shamrock's New Ensign
As Shamrock is the last Tamar sailing barge that traded under sail, the last surviving Tamar sailing barge and she has been fully restored to exacting National Maritime Museum standards, an application is being prepared for Shamrock to be included in the National Heritage Fleet.

Weather update

This blog's post 'Winter Rain Stops Play' of the 1st February stating that we should be able complete some painting and scraping in the dry of the boat shed seems to have thrown down the gauntlet to the weather. All painting has had to stop due to the high winds getting under the tiles and blowing a layer of dirt and dust into the shed. As the wind is usually accompanied by heavy rain this also finds its way in resulting in the windward side of the boat shed having its own rain shower. At least we can still do a bit of paint scraping!!

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