Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bulwark Repairs

On the occasional dry days over the last couple of weeks Shaune has been quietly getting on with the repairs to Shamrock's damaged bulwark.
First to be done was the trimming off of the broken section and then any newly exposed wood cleaned and primed.  Next came the refitting of the recovered section of capping rail and forward oak section of washstrake, complete with staghorns.

Forward section with staghorns.
The separate ends of the capping rail have been shaped and a new section of oak scarfed in between the two sections.

Capping rail before
and after.
Over the next couple of weeks a new larch plank from the bow section to the midship cargo gate will be fitted and steamed into place to complete the job. This will also entail removing more of the previously patched washstrake enabling one continuous plank to be used.   

Season Preparations.

Meanwhile Shamrock is being prepared for the visitor season with the forward cabin table and stools being taken back onboard and a start made on reinstating of her rigging. 

Spring Tides

For once the most recent spring tides didn't flood the boat shed and only managed to give the dock wall daffodils a good watering! 


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