Saturday, 5 April 2014

Visiting Shamrock

Volunteers have now been found to open Shamrock regularly for visitors Monday to Thursday afternoons, weather permitting. Regular Sunday opening is proving a bit problematic but with luck this will soon be solved. If you are planning to visit Shamrock don't forget to check here to make sure if she is not away on one of her trips. These dates will be published when known.

Open for visitors.

Nancy Belle River Trips 2014

Due to the success of last years oversubscribed Nancy Belle river trips more are planned for this year. After consulting with the tide timetables the following dates and times have been pencilled in for 2014.
  • Wed 18 June; 9.30-12.00
  • Fri 4 July; 9.45-12.15
  • Thurs 17 July; 9.30-12.00
  • Fri 18 July; 10-12.30
  • Mon 4 Aug; 10.30-1.00
  • Mon 18 Aug; 11-1.30
  • Tues 19 Aug; 11.30-2.00
  • Tues 2 Sept; 10-12.30
  • Wed 3 Sept; 11-1.30
The two hour plus trip costs £12pp and includes a pasty lunch. To book please ring 01579 352720. Trips are dependent on the weather and can be cancelled at short notice.
Any profits from the trips will go to funding Shamrock (more paint).

Shamrock Repair

The broken section of washstrake was replaced on Monday but Shaune, ever the perfectionist, was still not happy with it and spent a few days trimming it to the lines he wanted. Now all that is left is for somebody to go over the side to carve the name SHAMROCK as it's a requirement that her name is marked on each bow.

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