Friday, 5 September 2014

Nancy Belle Trips

Accompanied by glorious weather the Nancy Belle has completed her last public river trip of the year. During the trip she managed to navigate a lot further up the Tamer than normal, this is down to the fact that some of the large trees that were blocking the river above Morwellham Quay have been removed. The problem with the Tamar River is when a tree is down you cannot be sure what’s under the water around it due to the murkiness caused by silt, this makes the water very murky. There is a rumour that Nancy Belle is due at least one more trip upriver this year, this time for the volunteers, we just hope the weather is as good.

Nancy Belle returns.

Can we use her for water skiing?

A single bat has been spotted under the eaves at the front of the boat shed. The crew not being chiropterologists (bat experts) have no idea what species it is or if it wants to become a member of Shamrock's crew.

Hanging around.
Another photo of Shamrock.

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