Friday, 5 December 2014

Shamrock Hoopla

As Shamrock's main mast is due to be moved into the boat shed, her workboat has been moved to the quay boat yard and covered for the winter. This leaves enough room in the shed for both the mizzen and main masts to be left out on trestles with ample room to work on them in comfort. Also in preparation for the move the main masts saddle (collar that supports the boom) and sail hoops have been removed, less bits to get in the way. All four wooden sections of the saddle are showing signs of rot and will need to be renewed before the spring, also the hoops will need sanding and a coat of varnish.

Most of Shamrock's rigging bottlescrews have been scraped and wire brushed clean of old paint and bitumen ready for a fresh coat of paint and finally greasing.

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