Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Slipway Track

When plans where being made for the restoration of Shamrock in 1974 it was decided to dig out a slipway to allow her to be hauled out on a cradle well clear of the highest tides allowing easy access to all parts of the hull. This slipway is still used today, along with a updated metal cradle, when Shamrock needs to be hauled out to have her hull maintained. The rail sleepers have started to rot and the metal rails to corrode and distort with age causing the cradle to occasionally stick when hauling out or floating off Shamrock so the decision has been made to renew them this year. As a start the fire pump was manhandled to the bottom of the boat shed slipway, rigged and used to wash away around fifteen months of accumulated mud from the slipway.

Note to the crew.

Design and manufacture a trolley for the fie pump before it needs to be used again.

Stop Press

Sutton Harbour Plymouth Classic Boat Rally 2015 organisers have published an outline program for this years rally scheduled for Friday 24th to Monday 27th July. Conformation is being sent that Shamrock is due to attend weather permitting. 

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