Saturday, 16 May 2015

Edgcumbe Repair

After a couple of years without any maintenance Shamrock's workboat Edgcumbe was beginning to look a bit shabby and her after seat was rotting away. With the fitting of a redesigned after seat, renewal of the remaining seats and a coat of paint on the seats, gunnels and internal hull she is looking smart again.

Shaune's top boating tip.

Nancy Belle is normally moored mid river and one of Edgcumbe's tasks is to act as her tender. This has resulted in the crew being advised to keep hold of Edgcumbe's painter when boarding or alighting Nancy Belle as opposed to tying her alongside. Then if the worst happens and you do fall in and are swept away by the current the tender goes with you ready to be climbed back onto or used as a large buoyancy aid. This obviously applies to any craft being used as a tender.

Painter, a rope attached to the bow of a boat.

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