Thursday, 3 September 2015

New Gangway

When discussing this seasons plan to open Shamrock for visitors on the days that Cotehele House is open it was realised that visitor numbers would be up and the existing gangway needed to be upgraded. The predictions on visitor numbers proved correct so a new longer and wider aluminium gangway was commissioned. The first reaction on it's arrival was 'it looks big' and 'will it look out of place on Shamrock'? After a bit of adjustment to the old gangways bulwark protecting saddle, involving a wood saw and chisel, and the fitting of wheels to the shore end of the new gangway, it is now in use and defiantly looks the part and it does the job.

Nancy Belle

With the decrease in the amount rain falling and the river Tamar's flow returning to normal Nancy Belle has been returned to her river mooring.

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