Friday, 23 October 2015

Cargo Hatch

To enable easy access to Shamrock's hold the 22ft (6.7m) long by 11ft (3.3m) cargo hatch is sub-divided into nine sections starting with two 'drop in' beams with there ends resting in wooden shoe cleats bolted into the hatch coamings. The beams and head ledges are fitted with similar shoe cleats for the the six fore and aft timbers which fit between the hatch beams. Each of these six timbers, along with the side hatch combings have rebates in their upper faces for the edges of the hatch-covers. Each of the twenty seven individual hatch boards are a slightly different size and are marked with their positions to save time when refitting them. Visitors to Shamrock are advised that the easiest way to view below deck is via the ladder located under the forward starboard corner hatch board, little do they realise that when she was a working boat there would have been no ladder. Access to the hold was achieved via the forward or after cabins. 

Ladder and four hatch boards removed.
Hatch board starboard three.

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