Friday, 13 May 2016

Shamrock Cartoon

During Shamrock's handover weekend a cartoon of Shamrock's 1985 return passage from Dartmouth appeared in the boat shed along with photo of the intrepid crew. Some of the present crews time has been spent finding the cartoon characters in the photo.


After a hard physical days work this years rigging of Shamrock has finally been completed using her windlass* to help stow the anchor chain followed by the hanging of her anchor.

Not so empty cable locker.
Ready to be dropped.
*WINDLASS A special form of winch fitted in the bows to haul in the anchor-cable. Shamrock has a patent reefing windlass, heavily geared, with a 'gypsy' wheel patterned to fit the studded chain cable, which stows it self as it is heaved in.

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