Monday, 11 July 2016

Not Quite To Plan

With the river mud building up in Shamrock's dock and on her slipway it was time to get out the fire pump and re profile (wash out) the dock and clear her slipway. The plan of action being.

Day One
Clear the mud from the slipway.

Day Two
On the morning tide float Shamrock onto the slipway, let her ground on the falling tide and then clear the mud from her dock. This had not been tried before as normally when Shamrock is on her slipway she is sat on her cradle.

Day Three
Float Shamrock back over into her dock on the morning tide ready for the days visitors.

All went according to plan until the pump decided to stop working half way through clearing the dock out on day two. Shamrock was returned to her dock on day three only when the tide is out she sits higher on the mud than planned. On the positive side it did prove that Shamrock can be left on her slipway for the odd day as long as the next days tide is high enough to float her off. While she was sat in the slipway advantage was taken of the easer access to the main mast port chainplates with them being scraped clean and painted.

Waiting for the tide to drop.
Bottom check.
Back to normal.

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