Sunday, 4 September 2016

Shamrock's Pump

During Shamrock's restoration a tra­ditional cast iron sluice or diaphragm pump of a size suitable for Shamrock was located on a barge in a Southampton shipyard, but as it was buried under scrapped steel plates, and other gear from broken up vessels, there was no way of getting it off the vessel. However, the yard foreman promised that as soon as the plates and scrap were shipped out he would break the pump out of its seating and put it aside for Shamrock. Once the pump had been recovered, refurbished and restored to full working order it was fitted aft of the cargo hold hatch coaming, taking it's suction from the forward end of the after cabins bilges, in the autumn of 1979. Recently one eagle eyed visitor noticed that it was manufactured by George White & Sons, London, Ontario, Canada and wondered why a pump of British manufacture was not fitted? After some research a local connection was found in that George White who founded the company was born in Shute, Devon and he learned the blacksmith trade at his father's wagon-building shop. He emigrated to Canada with his young bride and eventually formed the company. The only thing the crew hopes is that it never needs to be used in earnest.

Shamrock's pump.
Ready for action.
Handle stowed.
Suction pipe.

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