Thursday, 6 October 2016

An Engine For Shamrock

After a successful year of fundraising and a couple of delays the go ahead has been given to purchase an engine for Shamrock. Once the engine is sourced it's planned to fabricate a metal engine bed which in turn will be bolted to Shamrock's frames on the starboard side of the aft cabin replacing the existing bunk. The idea of a metal engine bed is that it will be easy to remove if the engine is ever removed. Once in place the line of the propeller shaft and the position of the stern gland can be determined. Fitting of the stern gland and propellor shaft will be undertaken on a low tide while Shamrock is grounded. The shaft will need to be of sufficient length to enable the propellor to clear the hull, also to support the combined weight of the shaft and propeller a P bracket will need to be fitted to the after hull. This is plan 'A' but as with all of Shamrock's plans this can change.

After cabin starboard bunk.

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