Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chain Gang

This last week has been taken up with getting Shamrock ready for its first outing of the season. The painting of the bulwarks and stanchions has continued and finished of with the picking out of the lower white beading line and the addition a white capping line.

During the winter lay-up the anchor chain had been removed and left flaked out on some slats next to Shamrock's bow. This has had to be man-handled to the head of the dock, the end then roped on-board, threaded through the hawse pipe, passed over the anchor windlass, down into the chain locker and finally secured. Once completed the remaining chain was then pulled on-board, with the aid of the anchor windlass, and flaked out in the chain locker. I don't know which was the worst job, moving the chain on the jetty, winding the anchor windlass or flaking out the chain? 

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