Friday, 17 May 2013

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

Put him in the Shamrock and make him bale her.

In the last week Shamrock has take on a lot of water mainly due to the fact that the summer monsoon seems to have arrived, coupled with a leaky deck and leaky cargo hold hatch cover. No problem we thought as Shamrock was fitted with an electric bilge pump, about four years ago. (We know it's not authentic but saves a lot of sweat and time).  So the electric hook-up lead was connected to the dockside and nothing. Checks revealed that 240v to 12vdc power unit had blown and not as we had hoped just a blow fuse. In the days before the electric pump, Shamrock was pumped out by hand using a small hand pump to fill buckets and then these were emptied over the side, so it was out with the pump and buckets. We did manage to cheat a bit though by disconnecting the pumps discharge hose and temporarily connecting it to the hand pump (lots of tape). This saved the problem of lifting the buckets out of the hold and worked a lot better than expected.

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