Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Busy Weekend

The weekend spent at the Sutton Harbour Plymouth Classic Rally 2013 was a great success with lots of interesting visitors.  


Had Spotlight (the local BBC news program) filming for a feature on the evening's program, also the weather forecast was transmitted live from Shamrock's deck overlooking Gipsy Moth IV.


Shamrock's sails had been soaked by Wednesday night's heavy rain, so the theory that a crew of two (man and boy) could set and strike her sails was put to the test and proved possible. While they were drying the view from the quay was dominated by Shamrock's sails. 
Shaune also drew a bit of an audience while he eye spliced some ropes for for one of the other boat owners.


Whilst I was meeting and greeting, Mr Fildew’s daughter and her two sons came aboard. (He raised her from Hooe Lake in a derelict state and planned to restore her but later sold her to NT for £1.00.)  After a long, helpful chat whilst the boys thoroughly enjoyed exploring their grandfather’s boat, we planned to meet up and fill in some of the gaps in the archives. They may like a trip downriver sometime.

Monday (Give us a lift)

With an early start Shamrock, being towed by Nancy Belle, cleared Sutton Harbours lock gates by eight for the return trip to Cotehele. With a freshening wind and squally showers Nancy Belle relinquished the tow to Little Charly, a Clyde Puffer designed motor sailer, in a prearranged manoeuvre while crossing Plymouth Sound. This resulted in the trip being completed in record time while averaging a speed of 5 knots.   
Just before arriving at the quay the tow was released, Nancy Belle secured to the stern ready to push and pull Shamrock alongside. She was secured alongside just as a heavy rain shower arrived so the crew disapeared into the boat shed for a quick cup of tea while it blew over. 
With the crew suitably refreshed, Shamrock was then roped warped along the quay into her dock, secured and unloaded. 

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