Thursday, 8 August 2013

Shamrock Traditions

Since the completion of Shamrock's restoration in the late 1970's a couple of traditions have started to emerge.

Perkins Pile
This refers to the pile of gear that is offloaded from Shamrock on completion of a trip and just dumped in the boat shed ready to be stowed at a later date. This is named after Tom Perkins who started the pile tradition. Tom was the shipwright who spent two weeks patching Shamrock's hull to get her to float on Hooe Lake and then be allowed to be towed past Plymouth dockyard and onto Cotehele for the restoration. He was also the shipwright in charge of the restoration and worked and sailed on her for many years after the restoration.

Nutty Slack
A coconut and biscuit base cake covered in chocolate. Not sure of the exact recipe but on most trips Sarah, Peter's wife, usually supplies Peter with enough slices of this for the whole crew. He's not allowed to take it back so I am afraid that any extra just has to be eaten. What a shame!!

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