Friday, 18 October 2013

Can You Just

The day is Tuesday and it's getting late, Shaune is about to lock up for the night when Joe, Cotehele's head ranger, appears at the door with a box of old bike bit's. "Shaune can you just make some trophies for the weekend's King of the Hill" he asks.
As Shaune is not known for refusing a challenge most of Wednesday was taken up with designing and producing what can only be described as a couple of more unusual trophies.

The following event blurb describes the weekend's King of the Hill event.

King of the Hill cycling race
19 October 2013 10am-3pm
This is a knock out cycling competition organised by the Plymouth Cycle Club. You'll start at the Edgcumbe tea-room on Cotehele Quay and cycle up the hill to just near reception at Cotehele House. The morning event is a race to decide who will be in the King of the Hill race and the afternoon event is the King of the Hill race proper.

Winter Preparations

Shamrock's staysail has been removed to the boat shed where it was dried and folded before being stowed for the winter. Only the main and mizzen to go.

Web News

Last week's visitor obviously decided there is a better chance of catching flies at a different location and has now moved web to above a table near one of the sheds windows. Still no signs of any flies getting caught though.

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