Friday, 25 October 2013

Shamrock Volunteers Ode

Visitors to the boat shed always seem to have smile when they read the following "Volunteers Ode" which is pined to the wall of "The No Sympathy Inn", rest room.

    When I joined the National Trust, they promised me a fleece
    A green one with "THE SHAMROCK" on, will wonders never cease

    They also promised steel capped shoes, some goggles and a hat
    Which made me look a proper burke, so I didn't think much of that

    In the next few weeks things appeared, like tools and bits and pieces
    I thought, well that's all very well but where's our ruddy fleeces

    I used to dream about my fleece and how handsome I would look
    I'd strut around the quay all day and get my picture took

    I bet they've got them "up the house" and all that other lot
    It seemed to me the "SHAMROCK BOYS" had simply been forgot

    Spring came and went and summer too and still no fleeces arrived
    With autumn round the corner I'm beginning to feel deprived

    Now the season is coming to a close and they're expecting us to cease
    But I tell you, I'm not going till I get my ruddy fleece

Volunteers have been working on the Shamrock since 2006. This ode was penned by one of the first year volunteers; yes we now have fleeces and also Shamrock overalls.

Nancy Belle update

Due to the large number of "Tamar Crocodile's" coming down the river Nancy Belle has been moved from her mooring and is now on the boat shed slipway ready for her winter maintenance.
Tamar Crocodiles are tree trunks or large logs that float down the river almost completely submerged.

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