Monday, 30 December 2013

Shamrock Review of the Year 2013

As Shamrock sits in her dock at Cotehele Quay riding out the winter storms, her crew enjoying a winter break, it's review of the year time.

For the first time, this year has seen the recruitment of 'meet and greet' volunteers and Shamrock being opened up to the public on most weekdays, weather permitting.  This combined with the opening up of the boat shed to visitors has resulted in over £3300 in donations being collected, more paint!

January and February

Shamrock's forward deck is caulked after having some of it's planks replaced.
The forward end of the cargo hatch coaming renewed.


Bulwarks repaired and refitted.
Shamrock's hull is given a new coat of paint.
Shamrock is lowered down the slipway, floated off her cradle and then roped into her mooring dock.


Shamrock's foredeck anchor windlass and deck winch are refitted.
Masts raised and Shamrock rigged for the summer season.  


In early May the first planned trip of the year to the Old Gaffers Association 50 Anniversary event at Plymouth is cancelled due to the weather.
Painting of Shamrock continues as normal.
Late May early June trip to Plymouth's Royal William Yard goes ahead as planned.


Return trip to Cotehele from Royal William Yard.
Shamrock's planned trip to Saltash Regatta has to be cancelled due to a combination of high winds and the exposed Saltash berth location.
Slipway cleaned in preparation for the successful Cotehele "Wet Wet Weekend".


Shamrock left Cotehele Quay on the Friday 19th for a weekend in Royal William Yard where she remained until Wednesday 27th. She was then towed to Sutton Harbour in preparation for the 2013 Plymouth Classic Boat Rally.
After a successful rally Shamrock returned to Cotehele Quay on the 31st July ready for the summer visitors.


This was the month that the over-subscribed guided river trips on Nancy Belle started.
Shamrock's last planned trip of the year had to be cancelled due to, of all things, the lack of crew. How dare they go on holiday!


Nancy Belle completes her last river trip of the year.
Winter working plans are being discussed.

October and November

Nancy Belle moved from her mooring and hauled up the boat shed slipway.
Half term week and some the boat shed is used for "Half term spooky fun on Cotehele Quay" events, broom making, monster making etc.
Shamrock's sails and any loose fittings are removed to the boat shed for the winter.


Crew attend the Cotehele volunteers Christmas lunch, very nice too.
Shamrock's after deckhouse moved to the boat shed and a temporary cover fitted.


The crew's attention has been drawn to the following.
Cornish working craft have traditionally put a furze bush on the mast at Christmas time and still many Cornish harbours will see fishing boats with a fir tree attached to their masts. 
A bit late for Shamrock's 2013 Christmas but perhaps in 2014.

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