Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winter Storms

Shamrock has survived the winter storms, so far with only a broken mooring rope plus the mizzen boom and gaff being blown out of their crutch. She was opened up, vented and pumped out on Wednesday 8th for the first time since before Christmas and had taken in very little water through the decks.

The storms and high tides have resulted in the Cotehele quay being flooded and the morning tide of Friday 3rd January also flooded the boat shed when water entered through both end doors meeting in the middle. This is the first time this has happened since the boat shed was built in the 1980's. Luckily no lasting damage was done. These tides have had the bonus of clearing the dock of all the dead reeds, twigs, branches etc that normally collect at the head of the dock. One job less.

Clean dock!
As a rather large bung has been removed from Nancy Belle she has sat safely on the boat shed slipway taking in and draining water with the spring tides.

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