Thursday, 16 January 2014

Peace Shattered!

Cotehele Quay's January is usually a quiet month with just a few regular visitors and dog walkers. This week all that changed when the Royal Marines and Royal Navy arrived with their landing craft to take part in a car ferrying operation from Calstock to Cotehele Quay. Being well publicised the exercise attracted the attention of the press and sightseers.

The cause for this started on Christmas Day when about 40 vehicles were trapped the wrong side of a collapsed road caused by a landslip at Lower Kelly, Calstock. Details of the operation and the 10 year old boy who set the wheels in motion can be found on the BBC website and other news sites.

Loading and unloading provided a few problems as modern cars don't have the ground clearance of the military vehicles they're used to transporting.

Advanced party arriving.
Off to Calstock.
One of the first cars to arrive at Cotehele Quay.
A local council vehicle hitching a ride the wrong way!
The press pack.

Meanwhile back in the boat shed Shamrock's winter maintenance continues.

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