Friday, 27 June 2014

Shamrock's Saltash Regatta Snippets

While deserting her Cotehele dock Shamrock had a very successful weekend at Saltash Regatta with plenty of generous visitors donating a total of £200 towards her upkeep and with the bonus of a good soak in saltwater.

Shamrock's missing!

Shamrock dressed ready for visitors.


First she was boarded by Cornish wreckers, well the Wreckers Border Morris from the Tamar Valley. They first sang a sea shanty on-board followed by the Morris dancers strutting their stuff on the pontoon while accompanied by their musicians still on-board Shamrock.

Two New Volunteers 

Later on two young brothers tried their hand at swabbing her deck and instead of, as was intended, just swabbing a small section of the after deck they would not stop until they had completed the whole deck. It certainly saved the crew a job.

Is the crew getting younger?

New Guides

Shamrock obviously left an impression on some of the Saltash school children who recently visited her at Cotehele as quite often you would hear one of them telling their parents that she was built in 1899 at Stonehouse Plymouth with a few other facts while showing them around.

Back to Cotehele

Mondays return trip was another sunny uneventful cruise with Little Charly smoothly taking the tow straight off the pontoon at Saltash and releasing it on the last bend before Cotehele Quay. Shamrock then slowly drifted alongside the quay with just a small nudge from Nancy Belle. After a quick cup of tea while waiting for high water she was then slowly warped (roped) into her dock ready to resume her duty as one of Cotehele's visitor attractions.

Awaiting the tow.

Nearly home. Photo by John Hartland

Photo by John Hartland

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