Friday, 6 June 2014

Nancy Belle's Engine Transplant

With the arrival of the new longer shaft, propeller and coupling the job of fitting Nancy Belle's new engine has started in earnest. The new Yanmar engine is a lot smaller and lighter than the old Sabb engine and the engine bed height needed to be reduced to allow for the adjusting mounts, such a luxury as the old engine bolted directly onto the bed causing vibration. Once the shaft had been slotted into place the new engine was finally lifted in, with the aid of a log lifter, and temporarily aligned. The final engine alignment will not take place until she is afloat and taken up her normal shape. New engine and switch boxes now need to be manufactured and fitted and finally a combined throttle and gear lever fitted by the tiller, another luxury instead of letting go of the tiller and diving for the gear lever and separate throttle.
Perfectionist Shaune is already resigned to the fact that her water line will need to be repainted as she will be floating higher in the stern.

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