Thursday, 24 July 2014

It's All Go

Preparations for the weekends celebrations to mark the 40 years since the start of Shamrock's restoration, are well under way with; the washing down of Shamrock's dock slipway, the production of new information notices boards, sorting the signal flags and yet, as the crew try to keep the boat shed clear more and more gear seems to be arriving all the time. Saturday morning is going to be a bit hectic!
One of the new notices.
Clean slipway.

There has also been an interloper on Shamrock's slipway with the arrival of Peter's 22ft (6.7 meters) clinker built gunter rig sloop "Shanti" in readiness for her to be floated off. This is what has been taking up Peter's time and part of his garden, since he retired in 2010.

Shanti built in 1962.

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