Friday, 8 August 2014

New Bits.

Over the last few weeks Shamrock has acquired a couple of new extras.
First, there is the new mizzen crutch designed to support the mizzen boom, this takes the bending weight of the boom, gaff and sail off the mizzen mast while she is docked.
This advantages over the old scissor crutch are:
  • It's a lot easier to put in place.
  • Does not need lashing to the warping horse (easier to paint the horse).
  • The tiller has to be moved to one side before putting the crutch in place this prevent heads hitting the tiller when exiting the after hatch.
  • (Health and safety will like this one). No longer a finger trap. 

As the old scissor crutch was made using original Shamrock timbers, removed during the restoration, a decision is now needed as to how these old timbers can be used to raise funds for Shamrock.

Secondly when a complete, rather old and tatty barrel was gifted to Shamrock the obvious thing to do with it was to turn it an donations barrel to compliment the existing successful water pitcher type donations barrel.

Extra job.

One often unplanned job is the removal of mud splatters from Shamrock. Some of these are caused by heavy rain while she is sat on the mud but the worst ones are caused by visitors throwing stones or other objects in the dock deliberately splashing Shamrock! Some people have no respect for an old lady.

Mud splattered transom. 

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