Friday, 22 August 2014

Salty Shamrock

Shamrock has spent most of this summer at Cotehele Quay only having had one trip to the salt water so when a musty smell was noted on opening for visitors the need to salt her became apparent. First a new supply of salt needed to be obtained, this resulted in rather a large pile appearing in the boat shed.  Salting the cargo hold is no problem as one line of ceiling* planks on each side of the keelson are easily removed, for the purpose of pumping her out, also allow salt to be easily placed between each of the holds frames. Observant visitors to Shamrock have noticed the vents below the beamshelf which allows air to circulate between Shamrock's hull and ceiling planks, they also act as salting holes and are used in the salting of the remainder of Shamrock's hull.

Salt is also liberally spread on her deck, especially in areas that tend to remain damp.

Why is salting required? Salt water gradually pickles wood, fresh water rots it.

*Ceiling, the inside planking of a ship's bottom and sides.

Lots of salt.

Venting / salting hole.

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