Thursday, 15 January 2015

Mast Repair

One of the reasons for moving Shamrock's main mast to the boat shed was to check it for any rot. All appeared to be well until after the removal of the mast cap when a previous repair job to the top of the mast was found to have started to rot. This has now been cut out and the mast cut back to solid wood with a new piece of wood being let in. Interestingly the mast cap that was thought to be metal turned out to be of wood and has suffered no ill effect from the rotten wood beneath it.

With most of the masts, spars and rigging preparation work completed it will soon be time to get out the paint brushes. This year instead of varnishing the mast and blocks they are going to be soaked in linseed oil as this is a more traditional method of weather protection for old wooden working boats.

Repaired mast.
New main boom saddle segments. 

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