Friday, 23 January 2015

Shroud Maintenance

On inspection of Shamrock's main shrouds it was found that the tarred "marline" used as a serving on the throat loop had worn away. After the removal of the remaining sections of serving the original parcelling beneath it was found to be sound and only required a soaking with boiled linseed oil before having a new layer of parcelling and serving applied. Parcelling is the passing round the lay of the wire of strips of old cotton sheet followed by a soaking with linseed oil. Serving is put on by laying the marline around the head and handle of a serving mallet to produce the tension necessary to bind the marline tightly around the wire as the mallet is rotated against the lay. The exposed sections of shroud wire rope have been wire brushed and the crew is waiting for a decision to be made as to what is to be use as a weather protection coating and when it is to be applied.

Serve:- bind (a rope) with thin cord to protect or strengthen it.

Note the serving mallet.

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