Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Neap Tides

As Shamrock is due to depart for Saltash on Friday 26th and there is some doubt if there will be enough water to get her out of her dock at high tide, due to the tide hight's falling off towards neap tides, Shamrock has now been moved to her mooring in the middle of the river. This means that she will not be open for visitors until the weekend at Saltash Regatta. On her return to Cotehele Quay on Monday 29th she may also need to be left on her mooring until the tides build sufficiently to get her into her dock. Shamrock's crew will also be ferrying equipment to her throughout the week.

Slipway track

After the third washing down of Shamrock's slipway the final peaces of the old slipway track have been removed. Now the decision is do we renew the track or fit wheels with solid rubber tyres to the existing cradle.

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