Sunday, 7 June 2015

Tamar Crocodile Hunt

The weather was calm, the tide was falling, so out came the fire pump, [on its new set of wheels], ready for dock and slip washing duties. As the pump was being prepared a large Tamar crocodile was sighted floating down the river. This resulted in a flurry of activity from Shaune, the pram dingy was quickly launched and he went hunting. The log turned out to be larger than first thought and by the time it was secured to the dingy it had drifted to the bottom end of Cotehele Quay heading in the direction of Plymouth therefore requiring a bit of power rowing to get back across the main river flow. Once in calmer waters it was a gentle row back to the boat shed slipway where the log was beached cut up and stowed ready to fuel the boat sheds log burner. After the successful hunt it was then back to the job of clearing the slipway and getting as much mud out of Shamrock's dock as possible with her still sat on the mud. She did manage to slip back about 6 in (15 cm).

Returning from a successful hunt. 
The remaining sections of slipway track are now visible. 
Tamar crocodiles are tree trunks or large logs that float down the river almost completely submerged. 

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