Friday, 7 August 2015

Maintanance Delayed

The opening up of Shamrock to visitors during the weekdays has proved very popular and has helped to increase her profile but has had the knock on effect of reducing the time available to maintain her during the current peak visitor period. Any jobs undertaken need to be completed before eleven o’clock as, after that, any time spent onboard is taken up answering visitors questions. This week has seen any spare time available being used to haul Nancy Belle out onto the boat shed slipway. This enabled the chance to give her a good scrub down, mainly to remove seagull droppings, but also check everything is in working order. Once she is back on her river mooring the crew plan to rig some flags to try and discourage the seagulls.

Shamrock from the boat shed window.

Nancy Belle after her wash and brush up.

Shamrock Day Sunday 9th

Plans for Sundays Shamrock Day (9th August) are starting to come together and it is even rumoured that, if the weather forecast of light winds is correct, there will be demonstrations of raising and lowering her sails using visitors (willing not pressed) as the manpower.

Getting ready for the weekend.

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