Friday, 31 July 2015

Plymouth Classic Boat Rally

Shamrock had a successful weekend at the Plymouth Classic Boat Rally with a steady stream of visitors on the bright and sunny Saturday and a rush of visitors in the dry part of the afternoon on what was a mainly wet Sunday. Shaune was even spotted doing a couple of interviews!

Return Trip Delayed

Due to high winds Shamrock's return trip was delayed until the afternoon of Tuesday 28th. Even then unseasonably high winds made for a difficult trip with the ruder having to be held over to try and keep her traveling on a straight course. With Nancy Belle pushing and a north westerly wind all the way the trip back to Cotehele was completed in about three hours with the biggest problem being the boats moored in the river at Weir Quay. With some of the boats lying into the wind across the river and some with the tide Shamrock was required to complete a bit of a slalom course to pick her way through them. Shamrock's rudder is made of large oak sections pivoted at the forward end resulting in no balancing forces when turning making the helming of her hard work. Skipper Shaune was exhausted by the end of the trip. On arrival back at Cotehele Shamrock was secured alongside “Steps Quay” to await the full tide and from there was roped around into her usual berth. A task which attracted considerable interest from the visitors on the quayside at that time.

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