Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Shamrock's 2015 Review & 2016 Look Ahead


Started with Shamrock's main and mizzen masts being removed to the boat shed where they were stripped back to bare wood, dried out, patched up, painted, varnished and finally stepped (put up) in March. After being rigged and a period of general maintenance (painting) her first trip of the year was completed in June with a trip to Saltash Regatta. The end of July saw Shamrock attend the Plymouth Classic Boat Rally with both the outward and return journeys completed in wet weather. Augusts 'Shamrock Day' was a success and with the increasing number of visitors during the year a new gangway was purchased in September to make access easier and more robust. The rest of the year was taken up with yet more painting. Finally, after years of hint dropping by the crew, planning and fundraising to fit an engine in Shamrock has started. This will make trips to Plymouth, and perhaps beyond, a lot less fraught with the added bonus of, when away for a weekend, being able to easily take her out into Plymouth Sound and actually sail her.


Is the year the National Trust becomes the sole owners of Shamrock and some form of celebration is being planned, (party time). This will also be the ‘year of the engine’ with Shaune and Joe searching out the correct engine for her and Shaune working out how and where to fit it. The annual trips to Saltash Regatta and Plymouth Classic Boat Rally are planned with maybe some bonus trips.

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