Friday, 8 January 2016

It's Wet

After being left in the heavy rain over the Christmas and New Year period the crew was surprised to find that Shamrock had not taken in a lot of water, it has been known for her to take in more over one wet day in the summer when the deck is dry and the planks have shrunk. The rain has also stopped all work on Shamrock apart from the maintenance of her rigging blocks and a few other bits that have been removed to the boat shed. Her temporary cargo hold vents appear to be working as she is not smelling musty.

Shamrock awaiting the next band of rain.
Being in the boat shed Nancy Belle has benefited from the wet weather as she has been receiving most of the crews attention with the fabrication of new forward and after decks, sanding of her outer hull and a start made on the painting of her bilges. Her engine has been removed for servicing and to allow access to parts of the bilge that haven't seen a paint brush in years.

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