Saturday, 19 March 2016

Nice View

Being part of Shamrock's volunteer crew has its plus points when you look at the view we have to endure while having a midmorning cup of tea.

Those with an eye for detail will notice that Shamrock's mizzen stay wires are missing. These have been removed to the boat shed, wire brushed, lightly coated in linseed oil and then a final coat of Shaune's secret mix of linseed oil and roofing bitumen. The stays now look good and ready to be reattached to the mizzen. Time will tell on how well the mixture stands up to the English weather.

Nancy Belle's hull, above the waterline, has been painted, her gunnels varnished and she is now just about ready to be moved to the boat shed slipway ready for a few final touches before being floated off ready for her river trips and other duties.

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