Saturday, 2 April 2016

Extra Boat Shed Floor Space

After her extensive winter refit Nancy Belle has finally been moved out of the boat shed onto the slipway. With a garden hose temporarily rigged to the water cooling inlet her engine has been run up and left running for about half an hour while checks where carried out for any water or fuel leaks or any problems with the engine. On completion of these checks the hose was moved to Nancy Belle's bilge and left running soaking the hull planks allowing them to expand taking up some of the gaps that had appeared due to her drying out during her refit. Buy the time she is floated off most of the hull should be watertight reducing the amount of work the bilge pump will need to do during her first couple of weeks afloat.

Engine cooling water in.
Engine cooling water out.
Hull planks taking up.
Some of the extra floor space created by the removal of Nancy Belle has been allocated for Shamrock's spars once they are lowered from there storage rack. Shamrock's navigation light boxes and navigation lights have also received some attention from the crew and are ready to be installed.

Freshly painted navigation lights.

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